Our member Janet Brady received the Marian Adair Spirit Award, a recognition by Welcome Clubs International

Welcome Clubs International just celebrated its 35th year anniversary and recognized one individual from each of the sister clubs with the Marian Adair Spirit award.

Marian Adair was the founder of Welcome Clubs International, an international organization that connects and brings together Women’s Clubs around the world. Today Marian’s daughter, Caroline Adair Dimmers, carries on her mother’s vision of peace and friendship for women around the world.  Each sister club was asked to choose a representative who encompassed the qualities which Marian Adair valued and the Broward International Women’s Club Board of Directors, unanimously chose Janet for her many years of dedication to the Club.

Janet Brady is an esteemed long-time member of our club and she is our current VP of Membership. She has held various positions on the BIWC board throughout the years, including president for 3 terms, and has always contributed a great deal to our organization.

Janet has also been collaborating with the WCI in the last few years, connecting with other sister clubs members and bringing members together.