We are thrilled that our member, Martha Gutierrez-Steinkamp, received a Commendation Award from the Daughters of the American Revolution in recognition of her invaluable contribution to the clarification and diffusion of Spain’s historical role in the American Revolution and Independence.

It is very rewarding when History is recognized at an international level, and I get a bit of credit for our Spanish Heritage.

– Martha Gutierrez-Steinkamp.

The official recognition ceremony will be in Madrid in 2024 and broadcast via Global Zoom so all their members can attend.

Martha, a Cuban-born of Spanish heritage, is one of the founding members of the Broward International Women’s Club; we couldn’t be more proud to have her as a member. She has an impressive list of accomplishments in her involvement in numerous historical and arts-related organizations throughout the years.

Spain The Forgotten Alliance Independence of the United States

She is the author of Spain: The Forgotten Alliance Independence of the United States, a book available on Amazon, about Spain’s significant contribution to the Independence of the United States.

To name a few, Martha is a Smithsonian Fellow and Fulbright Specialist, a former Deputy Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Experts Commission for the Preservation of the White House, both by Presidential Appointments.  

Presently, she is a Consultant and translator to the Naval Museum in Madrid and a Consultant to USDOE Washington, DC, and Broward County Schools; Advisor and translator to the Museum of Florida History and Liaison to the Organization of American States (OAS) Civil Society. Department of Defense National Language Service Corps Certified Dual Translator, Vice Chair of the Public Art Board by Commission Appointment City of Fort Lauderdale.

Martha is the former Executive Director of the Children’s Museum of Boca Raton, Cornell Museum of Art and History, and the Cuban Museum of the Americas at Barry University.

Martha has served in the United States Senate Committee on Hispanic Affairs by Chairman’s Appointment and received numerous awards, including the Smithsonian “Award for Museum Leadership”; the National Hispanic Heritage Foundation” Compadre Award”; and the Coca-Cola Chairman “Art of Harmony”.

Congratulations, Martha, on this well-deserved recognition!