Our Cause

Our Scholarship Grants Program

Supporting higher education is at the heart of the Broward International Women’s Club. Each and every member of our organization believes that education has a multiplying effect that goes beyond attaining a degree, as not only does it have a positive impact in those who get an education, but also on their children and family,  their communities and beyond. We believe that education is the answer to most, if not all, of the major world troubles today.

The Students

IMG_0002Just during the 2014-2015 academic year, nearly one million young adults came to US to study, and almost 40 thousand came to Florida; making it the 7th state in the country to receive the most international students. Over 1200 of those students chose to pursue their degrees at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, and this group represents over 114 countries, making this university one of the most diverse campus in the Southeastern United States.

Out of that population of 1200 students, more than half are young women who, given the very nature of their international status and their inability to receive federal financial aid, may risk not being able to complete their studies should they run into financial difficulties.


The Scholarships

grant checkThe Broward International Women’s Club has been providing the source of relief that some of these students have needed at certain points in their academic programs for the last 40 years. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of its members, this organization has been able to help over 200 students throughout this time.

 The BIWC Scholarship recipients are selected yearly by a group of Board members who conduct a very thorough selection process and decide on the best candidates for these awards. The scholarship recipients become part of the BIWC family and are invited to participate in all the fundraising events where all the members are able to meet them and learn about their stories, plans, and how the scholarships have changed the course of their destiny when they most needed them.

students group

The Broward International Women’s Club continues to be deeply committed to the purpose it set for itself from the very beginning of its existence:

Scholarships Application

Requirements:To apply you must be an Undergraduate student in your Junior or Senior year, or a Graduate student in a Master’s or Doctoral Degree program at NSU
You can also access the BIWC Scholarship Application Form and follow instructions.
Please note that we do not process applications or requests directly, the application process is handled through the University.
Only complete applications will be considered.